Thursday, August 30, 2012

Mt Eniwa-dake

Mt Eniwa-dake

Mt Eniwa-dake sits on the shores of lake Shikotsuko and stands at 1320 meters high.

This active but sleeping volcanic peak can be seen from miles around and is a must do for anyone looking for a good hike and especially those people staying or visiting the city of Sapporo and want some thing to do.

The start point Mt Eniwa-dake

The Trail:

From the car park you can easily find the trail which starts of as a small dirt road which quickly turns into a hiking trail. You slowly work your way over a rocky path which will led you into the trees and slowly up the mountain.

around the start of the hike
After about 30 minutes the trail starts to get steeper then it is a hard hike up for about 2 hours which will include a couple of rope sections. After the last rope section the trail flattens out a bit and you will break out of the trees onto a rocky outcrop where you will be met with a great view of the northern end of lake Shikotsuko and a view of the center crater of Mt Eniwa-dake which will include it's steaming vents. This point makes a good place for a break but you are not finished.

One of the rope sections
The rocky outcrop
From here you want to drop your packs and hike about another 20 minutes which will bring  you to another look out point. From this point you can not go any further. The peak was damage by typhoon a few years back and is unsafe.
I suggest you go to this lookout point and then go back to the rocky outcrop to have your lunch.

The 2nd lookout point
view from rocky outcrop

Hiking times:

From car park to rocky outcrop: 2 hrs 30min

From Rocky outcrop to 2nd lookout point: 20 min

Hiking time down: 2 hrs

Total hiking time: about 5 hrs

Heading down the top rope section
How to get there:

By car: from Sapporo JR station
You find route 36 and follow that south until you come to route 453 which will be on your right.
Follow route 453 for 1 hr and 20 minutes all the out of the city to you to the Mt Eniwa-dake.

Google Map: Click link below:
How to get the starting point of Mt Eniwa-dake

Heading down the trail

When can I hike this mountain ?

You can start hike this mountain from late May until End of October or until the first snows fall.

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