Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Mt Kogane-yama:

Mt Kogane-yama stands at 740 meters and is a cone shape peak that stands out in the countryside.
This small mountain isn't very high but you gt a lot for your buck. From the top you get some stunning views .
Mt Kogane-yama
The trail:
From the car park you head out on a dirt trail for 30 minutes that will bring you to junction.
There are two trails going left and right. Both trails will take you to the top but I suggest you take the right trail up and down by the left trail. The right trail is a short route up and a bit easier. The left trail is a bit longer and has a couple of short rope sections which I think is better coming for coming down on.

The trail heading up

Rocky outcrop

From the junction the right trail take about 1 hr &10 minutes to the top. About 3/4 of the route up is steep and on a dirt trail with tree roots (When the trail is wet, it can be very slippy so be careful). With 1/4 of the trail to go you will come to another junction. This is when the two trails meet up again. From this point you will start to break out of the trees on to a rocky outcrop. From this point you start to get great views. You work your up a bit to  small peak but this not the top, the trail carry's on a little bit further which drops down and then heads back up another rocky peak. This is the top. You should be met with a Japanese sign which will Mt Kogane-yama on it.
View from the top

The sign at the top
To head back down you go back to same way to you hit the top junction and take the trail heading right. The trail down should take you about 50 minutes and will join back to the tyrail you went up on and back to the car park.

One of the rope sections heading down
The view looking down heading down
At the car park there are toilets and running water .

The trail is open from June to October.

The best season is autumn which is from late September to mid or late October.

The car park and start and finish point of the hike
How to get there:

From Sapporo JR Train Station you take route 5 north. As you are driving route 5 will change to route 231. You take route 231 out of Sapporo up the west coastline for about 90 minutes to 2 hours you will come to a small town and route 451 which will be on your right. You will see the peak stick out and very easy to see if it is a clear day. Head down the road for about 10 minutes until you come to the sign to the hike on your left. The sign is big wooden one and the Japanese letters are painted in yellow and green.
Turn left and drive about 190 meters down the dirt road to you come to the car park.

The road sign on route 451

 Goggle Map:
How to get to Kogane-yama from Sapporo

View from the road (route 451)

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