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Mt Hakken-zan

Mt Hakken-zan

Mt Hakken-zan is a great short hike on the edge of Sapporo city that can be fun for everyone including families.

Part of Hokkaido: Sapporo City

Mountain Height: 498 meters

Trip type: Day Hike


    Beginner hikers :   Medium
    Experience hikers : Easy

Suitable for : Kids and Adults ( Kids over six years old )

Trail open: Mid April to Mid November

Starting point of the hiking trail

The trail starts from a small car park and slowly works it's way through the trees for about 15 minutes then the trail flattens out for about 10 minutes before slowly working it's way up and traverses the hill side. 

The trail from the car park

traversing the hill side
After traversing the hill side for a short way you will break out of the trees and come to a rocky section. You will hit a couple short rope sections that are not difficult and the trail can get narrow in places and there are a couple of short little rock climbs that make up the ridge trail to the top which is a lot of fun to do.

The ridge trail
The ridge trail to the top
The top

On the way down you have a choice to take a different trail down. This trail takes you around the back of Mt Hakken-zan and longer than the trail up and different. This trail works down the backside and ends up in a small village (well a few country houses). You have to walk down to the end of the road when you will come to a colorful sign with a cherry on it. Here you turn left and walk about 10 minutes to you come to a big dirt drive way which is an entrance to a place that does horse riding, BBQs, It is a kind of small family park. You walk through it a follow the small dirt road to the back and hill a small hill to where you can see where the horses are kept and there you will see the sign to where you pick up the hiking trail again back to the starting point.

The back trail down
Walking through the village on the way out
Walking through the family par to pick up the hiking trail again
Once you pick up the hiking trail again. This trail will lead you back to the main hiking trail that you started on . When you hit the main trail turn right and this will take you back to the car prk where you started.

The trail heading back to the car park

The abundant plants and wonderful view from the top makes this short but splendid hike worth doing. This hike is worth doing, especially if you have a morning or afternoon to kill in the city on a nice sunny day

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